A Letter to Myself

Dear 16 Years Old Me

Dear 16 Years Old Me

Kylie, I am writing this letter to you to thank you for not giving up on me. Without your persistence to withstand all obstacle that crossed your life, I could have never found this strength. I love you more than ever now, because tou have given me the chance to breathe again.

Let me share with you experiences that I had gone through at the age of 20. I have laid in the hospital for over 1 month, I have seen many people who are exactly like us, where some of them, unfortunately, did not win the fight. The discrimination from society and the true nature of mankind was clear – it was unforgiving of people like us. On the positive note, I received lots of love from the people around us during the hospital stay.

Kylie, I understand the difficulty in seeing the good from all the bad, but please do not be afraid of the people around you – the ones who truly and care for you are always there. Stay strong and believe, I know you can do it!

Best Regards,

Kylie Boo (23 years old)

That day, I wrote a letter to the 16 years old me.

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