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Very much appreciated, Bakchormeeboy for the coverage.

“My thought of spending my entire life to make this exhibition happen was fulfilled so much earlier! All thanks to the encounter with Ms Beverly – who was my Understanding Directing and Performance lecturer when I was a student of Republic Polytechnic.

On that day, one of my assistants was not able to turn up for work due to personal commitments. As my pop-up store was a week long, I could not afford to lose any days unopened. Left with no choice, I skipped school to open the store.

It was then, I saw Ms Beverly who just had her lunch in StarVista.

Immediately after I set my gaze on her, I was so excited to share with her about my idea and the purpose of having a pop-up store! Being so engrossed in our conversation, I forgot the fact that I’d actually skipped school on that day…” said Kylie.

<Nevertheless, the school provided her with advice pertaining to how she could proceed with her notable venture. Beverly also stepped in to propose an interdisciplinary project From Heart To Hearts For Hearts to this talented young lady. In this project to be launched online with free access, Beverly expresses with movements and songs to Kylie’s 15 drawings and paintings on congenital heart defects, conceptualised together with the creative input of filmmaker Goh Ying Sheng, who was the director and scriptwriter of the viral mockumentary “Who Stole Tua Pek Kong?”. >

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